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Course Offerings

In case you prefer a DIY option, please make your selection from the options below.


There is one course available for parents: Young Fellas. 

There are 4 courses available for educators: 

Make The Call  / Early Dismissal / Run The Room / Expert Communicator

For Parents - Online Course: Young Fellas

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This course is custom built to help parents of boys in dealing with unpredictable, overactive and explosive behavior. The goal is to bring a greater sense of calm to the overall environment by helping the reader understand what is truly happening from the child's perspective. The reader will learn about self-regulation and how it can lead to less conflict & a greater sense of belonging. The ideal outcome is to reduce the frequency and intensity of explosive moments.  


Make The Call - A Mini Course. Presentation. .png

For Educators Option 1


Make The Call... How To Become An Expert On The Telephone. 

A course for educators who lack the confidence to speak to parents - over the phone - about complex issues. 


Now available

Inside this mini-course, Jen shares and models how to make a challenging phone call home to a parent.  

If you are interested in becoming more comfortable and reducing your anxiety when having to make phone calls home, this course will be of huge help to you. 

Course material is organized into 2 main sections:  

1. Make The Call - Jen breaks down a real world sample call home. You will get to hear the whole phone call in its entirety as well as a section by section breakdown. Jen will outline the 7 steps to making a smooth call home. You'll get a transcript of the call, foolproof talking points for each step and concrete rationale + explanation for each step. You'll also learn to anticipate the common pain points of: frustration, upset, criticism and how to deal with objections. Each step is narrated by Jen with simple & concise explanations of the "why" in how we structure the phone call. 

2.  Bonus Section - Jen will cover four additional bonus areas that will support you in becoming a communication superstar. 

No more avoiding the phone! No more hiding behind your email! 

Welcome to the opportunity to build amazing relationships with your parents and to boost your rapport + credibility. 

All this in under 30 minutes of quality, hands on learning. 

Early Dismissal Economics for Educators  (1).jpg

For Educators Option 2

Early Di$mi$$al 

A course for educators who are interested in learning more about the possibility of early departure from working full time. 

Throughout this course, Jen shares her thinking about the possibilities of early departure from working full time in education. Is it possible to look at this option from a fresh perspective? What if there was another way? What if this option was more feasible than you thought? 

If you are interested in learning more about key considerations for how this could apply to you, then this course will be of interest. In this brainstorming session, all the research has been done & compiled for you - in one concise presentation. You can then decide for yourself if this is something that you wish to explore further. 

Course material is organized into 6 sections:  

1. Introduction - What is your "Enough" Number? What is your Time Worth? 
2. OTPP Annual Report Overview - Key Highlights of this report that most educators don't ever view. 
3. The Typical Career Timeline - Why it could be to your advantage to have an open mind about planning your career differently. 
4. Running The Numbers - Some sample scenarios for you to consider. You're not leaving as much money on the table as you might think. 
5. Key Planning Considerations - Everything you need to consider to possibly make this work for you. 
6. Wrap Up

Disclaimer: Jen is not a licensed financial advisor. She is an experienced Principal & critical thinker who loves to learn about finance, money and pension implications. This course is written with the intention of sharing information only. 

Video course is approximately 45 minutes in duration. 
PDF slides are available for download and are included. 



For Educators Option 3

Run The Room Self Study Course on Classroom Management. 

This focus of this course is all about classroom management. These modules will support both students and adults in belonging to a calm & productive classroom community. Establish a great culture of learning inside your room. 


Now Available!

These courses are the alternative you've been looking for. There is a better way. 


For Educators Option 4

Expert Communicator Course 

This course will teach you how to master the art of strategic communication for all things related to your classroom. You'll learn how to become highly proficient in dealing with all types of conversations and interactions. Nothing will surprise you. You'll feel confident and equipped to tackle any situation that lands in front of you. 

Stressed Woman
Lazy Morning
Clock in Station

For School Leaders 

(Principals, Vice-Principals) 

Energize For 40
Audit + Private Coaching 

Just as the title suggests, Energize For 40 is all about working more efficiently towards a more manageable 40 hour work week - nothing longer. If you are a School Leader and you are spending too many hours at (or on) work, this opportunity might be just what you're looking for. 

The main objective for this diagnostic assessment is to determine where struggling school leaders need to focus their time, energy & attention.


Within this coaching call, Jen will take you through the six main categories where School Leaders often find themselves getting bogged down ( Issues, Instruction, Processes & Organization , People, Data, Vision, Execution) .You will gain clarity about what you do well & where you need help. Jen will also help you set an action plan for days 1, 7 , 14, 30 and 60. 


You will come away with a more complete guide to how to get more done - without working 65 hours per week. 

Are you ready for Energize For 40?  

Professional Development Delivery Models are Changing

Are you ready to evolve?  Why choose to access your PD Here? 

Your school district has other large scale initiative. You want very focussed learning in the areas of communication & classroom management. 

You are a solo school administrator. You don't have one spare moment to go deeply in professional development because you're too busy in the day-to-day. 

You're not satisfied with traditional methods of finding PD opportunities. You want something fresh & modern which has been created by someone who knows exactly what it takes to be awesome. 

You're an educator who doe snot enjoy group work. You prefer to learn on your own time. Quick. Fast. Easy. Nothing wasted. 

You're a teacher in your first permanent contract. You know you still have practical things to learn about running your own classroom. 

You're a forward thinker. You know what you want and feel excited to learn something quickly that you can start using right away. 

Do any of these ring true for you?  


Coming Soon! 

In Development - For Educators 

Principal Playbook
coming soon, in development mode! )

This course has depth and intensity. These modules provide the reader with the answers to the many significant components of the Principalship - workload, workflow, communication strategies, managing students, supervising staff , navigating politics - all the tough elements that require competency in order to be an effective Principal.  The goal here is to accelerate your learning and give you a front row seat into the daily work of a modern and "commonsense"  Principal in public schools. No holding back here. You'll get answers to questions that you do not yet realize that you need to ask. 

Helicopter Cockpit
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