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Before you start this Course, I want you to know what you can expect to gain. I want to give you a look at the end…  

You will see with stronger clarity the “why” these behaviors are happening. You will also learn some of the “how” to put these concepts into motion. You will come away with the following outcomes firmly in place:  


  • Build a plan to empower your child towards self regulation, independence, self awareness and self advocacy. 

  • Learn how to help keep your boy out of the Principal’s office by minimizing disruptive behavior, while working towards a sense of calm.

  • Become a parent with a proactive process, rather than a reactive caregiver. 

  • Avoid unplanned interruptions to your work day due to calls from school, while simultaneously feeling confident that your boy’s day is on track. 

  • Reach clarity on what your child needs, make this simple, effective and achievable. 

  • Eliminate the dread of unpredictable behavior that ruins social gatherings and holidays. 

  • Reduce tension and negative energy with your co-parenting partner by working a plan consistently and together. Achieve better alignment in the direction you want to go. 

  • Learn why being a calm adult is the biggest differentiator in positively supporting your child.

  • Learn how to track dysregulated behavior and why this is essential to improvement. 

  • Build a predictable schedule and routine that supports stress free behavior. 

  • Learn why done is better than perfect. Learn to avoid ignoring this obstacle any longer. Learn how to get started without feeling overwhelmed. 

What You Can Expect To Learn and Implement from Young Fellas

Why Choose Young Fellas? 


You're emotionally exhausted because you don't have a plan or your plan isn't working.


You're tired of living with a boy who is difficult to connect with.


You're fed up with difficult, explosive or hyperactive behavior.


You're fed up with educators who don't know how to connect with your son.


You're caught in limbo with the intervention cycle.


The waitlist for other services is very long.

Filling Prescription

You don't agree with using medication to support your boy.


You don't think your son needs a psychologist, but you know you have to make some type of more.

This course is the alternative you've been looking for. 

There is a better way... 

Ready to make this change for your family? 

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