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Learning Disabilities Help

Interventions for: Learning Disabilities, Learning Difficulties + Challenging Behaviors

More intensive than a tutor... 
More accessible than a psychologist... 

Custom built interventions for kids whose parents are tired of watching them struggle, expect one-to-one attention, want expert coaching & want a professional experience. 
If you have a child with Learning Difficulties or Disabilities, you've come to the right place. 

Why "Different" is Better Than "Better"...

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New Environments Require
New Tools. 

Hey there, mom and dad. 

You shouldn't assume that your kids are getting all the personalized attention, support and instruction that you think they are getting in school. The classroom landscape has changed dramatically since 2020. You need assurance that your child is going to receive premium access to superior learning opportunities, to be taught & coached by an expert, in the most personalized way possible. 
You need to consider this in a profound way - beyond just the fundamentals. You're looking for a remarkable experience for your child and I'm going to deliver just that by focusing on The Building Blocks of Learning. 

How do we accomplish this?  Let me explain...

I teach to the deficits inside: 

The Building Blocks of Learning... 

Introducing My Methodology Framework: 

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What is:  

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There are 6 Components to this Matrix: 

Framework for Support of Learning Difficulties

Still Unsure if Jen is the right fit? Let's look at Your Options...

Learning Interventions Comparison Chart


Satisfaction Guarantee



As a long standing School Leader - You should know that I am strikingly authentic & direct. 


It's in my soul to connect...


To watch your kid transform. 


And to deliver personal, all-star results. 

Just know that I have got you covered ;) 

I'm Jen and coaching people is what I do best.

I help parents of kids who have difficulty with academics, learning skills, social skills, personal development and behavior. 


Jen Shirley Coach

as featured in 

Podcast Guest 

An Education podcast about life and learning. 

Encourage. Collaborate. Celebrate. 

Podcast Guest 

Podcast Guest 

How emotional regulation makes all the difference for our students. 

Self-Regulation & Healing

Our Disconnection. 

I guide your kids through their complex social dynamics and learning skills deficiencies -   
so that you don't have to do it all - by yourself. 

As a parent, there is no guidebook & my kid was really having a hard time with the other kids in his grade 6 class. Jen helped our family in a big way by spending a great deal of time with our son. There were days when we didn't think things would ever improve. My son didn't want to go to school because he didn't understand the social dynamics of the other kids. He had a hard time making friends because he would sometimes lash out at them when he became overwhelmed. Jen helped my son to learn how to become more aware of when he was starting to feel angry & upset. With lots of coaching, he began to learn that not everyone was out to get him. With practice, he slowly was able to learn to listen to his body more & apply the steps that we were working on. His outbursts became less extreme and they happened less often. Thanks to Jen's approach & expertise, our boy doesn't hate going to school anymore. It's been amazing to watch him grow. 

                                                                                     - Kanata Parent

I have had the privilege to work with and learn from Principal Mme Shirley. Over the years, I have had numerous conversations with Principal Shirley regarding situations within my classroom and with certain students. With each conversation, she was always able to put things into perspective, not by telling me her solutions, but by listening and questioning my ideas, until I found a solution which worked for me and my situation. That, in my book, is mentorship. A second element which really stuck with me is the time she spent with the students to get to know who they are. This was quality time. Not in the office for a short chat and on you go. Principal Shirley would have meaningful conversations to understand where the root problem lies and work with the learners to find solutions that they felt they could work with. If you have the opportunity to work with Principal Shirley, do not let it pass you by. 

                                                                                   - Yannick O'Neill

Skills acquisition that is proven to make a difference in how

your child sees 

himself - building confidence. 

Skills acquisition that meets your child exactly where they are - without judgement, without pressure & without an audience.  

Skills acquisition as a result of custom, step by step strategies for the key areas that your child requires. 

Ready To Start Stacking The Deck In Favor of Your Child?

Let's Get Started: 

Select a time to tell me a bit about you & your kiddo!

I promise it won't be scary. 
I will have your back - the whole way. 
100% confidential. 

Ask Me Anything... There's No Such Thing As A Stupid Question. 


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