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NU #11 - Learning The Cycle of Big Behaviours is Really, Really Hard.

In my time as an Elementary School Principal, I’ve seen some incredible things happen when adults decide to change their approach towards challenging kids. These moments have been some of my all time favourite to watch! It's as if the adults have reached a whole new level in their willingness to dig in & really connect with a kid who needs it.

Teachers get stuck in what they think are “traditional” ways of managing kids.

Parents are exhausted from life in general and at the end of the workday, they have little or no energy left to understand their kid’s complicated behavioral needs.

I thought I would simplify the “whole shootin’ match” and try to create a great visual that put many of the critical aspects of Big Behaviors on one page. I figured this could serve as a starting point for any adult who has made the decision to change their approach. This is for those who are ready to invest in learning about big behavior, but they might not know where to begin.

The Solution Cycle for Big Behaviours

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