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Parent Guide

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Unshakeable Parents
Your Backstage Access to Understanding Junior + Intermediate Kids - Conflict, Social Dynamics, Peers & Behavior. 

What's inside?

All the actionable & practical "how to" advice that you wished you knew about dealing with your kid's complex school-related issues. This guide will give you access to the right strategies to tackle kid problems before they happen. This way, you'll be ready with how to respond and support. No more being frustrated and not caught off-guard.


FAQ's include:

  • Managing big emotions.

  • Self control versus self regulation.

  • Managing perceptions versus realities.

  • What to say. What not to say.

  • Adult support.

  • Conflict resolution strategies that actually work.

  • On-again-off-again friendships.

  • Big, complex emotions - Under The Surface & How This is the Key to Understanding Everything.

  • School reluctance / refusal.

  • How to ask for a meeting at the school.

  • What to say when your kid says: "It's Not Fair" and what this really means.

  • Understanding the Cycle of Big Behaviors

  • Getting the Basics Right: Nutrition, Sleep, Water, Rest, Play & Exercise

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