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NU #09: The Power of Great Partnerships: Brooke + Brittany.

This past weekend was very special in my hometown.

My city - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - played host to the LPGA (ladies golf) - the CP Women's Open. This world class tournament was hosted at the Ottawa Hunt Club where I was lucky enough to attend (for two days) as a spectator.

If you know anything about women's golf, more specifically if you know anything about Canadian women's golf, you will undoubtedly know the name Brooke Henderson. Brooke has become an international golf superstar. She grew up a short distance from here in the town of Smith Falls. Needless to say Brooks' Brigade was out in full force. It was easy to spot where she was on the course because a sea of red followed her everywhere she went.

Now you might think this article is about women's golf. I can assure you it is not.