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Personal Coaching & Consulting 

Expert Guidance One-to-One

Speaking and Presenting

Groups, Workshops, Seminars. 

Independent Learning 

Self Guided Courses 


Personal Coaching & Consulting

You value expertise and a personal touch for your child.  You are prepared to invest in his or her own learning. You see value in an interactive conversation about the challenge or struggle. You enjoy exclusive access to an expert where your child can feel comfortable and heard - without judgement.  You can determine your own pace and flow - without any interruption or audience. This private conversation is held by video conference.

(Zoom or Google Meet) 

Fees are available during custom consultation. 


Speaking and Presenting 

You are looking for a one-to-many learning experience. You value group learning and benefit from other people's energy. You enjoy an engaging presenter who is laid-back yet refined. You value learning alongside other people and establishing great connection with them. This can be accomplished either in a group video call format or in person. 

Fees are available by email request. 


Independent Learning 

You prefer self-guided study, learning in the privacy or your own home (or office) and learning at your own pace. These high value courses contain several video modules or text, and depending on your selection, they are anywhere from 60 to 80 minutes in duration. Also included are support documents, resources, pdf printables and guides to support your learning. 

from $59

Want To Know Where You Should Start? 

Send me an email and answer these three questions: 

1.  Tell me a bit about your situation. Family. Community. Your current experience. 

2.  What is your most pressing issue that you're looking to solve? 

3.  What are three goals that you would like to accomplish during our partnership? 

You can message me at and I will respond personally, and if it makes sense, we can schedule a quick call to discuss your needs in more detail. 

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