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What I Do...


Parents: I help you to understand challenging & explosive behavior in boys. Together, we build a plan to take away all your worries & anxiety. I also provide support in your communication plan with your child's school. I help you to understand the barriers, the process and why things can sometimes feel so complicated. 


Educators: I aspire to educate the educators without all the BS. I put practical tools ahead of theory. I put relationships ahead of curriculum. I provide guidance on how to lead schools & classrooms, understand difficult student behavior, and communicate like a pro.

More teaching & learning. Fewer interruptions. Less stress. More calm.

Your entire workday shouldn't be spent exclusively on student management and parent communication. I will show you how to create the teaching environment you've always wanted. 


Ready To Make Things A Whole Lot Easier On Yourself? 

Does any of this sound familiar?  This is why I started coaching families & educators.

I have been on both sides (and in the middle) of these conversations a thousand times. I knew that there had to be a better way to help more than just the people who were right in front of me. My purpose is to fast track your learning and deepen your understanding of "why" these behavioural and communication challenges are happening.  I want to help you to achieve your desired outcome in the least amount of time possible, based on the knowledge, experience and expertise that I have gathered over the past two decades as an educational leader. 

Drowning Clock

The Backstory

Over the past two + decades, I've worked full time in public schools where I've helped thousands of students, parents and educators. 

Then, in 2021, it was time for me to change my own story. It was time to create a new one. I needed to change how I was spending my days because I was no longer excited to be on someone else's (full time) bell schedule. 

Now, I coach parents and educators privately. My students are serious about finding a better alternative to their current situation and here's the cool part - they want to change their own story too!

When I'm not coaching or advising, I serve as a Substitute Principal here in Ottawa, Canada. I also support my husband Todd in the operations of our other businesses. (Telus + Sport Clips Haircuts) 

My Loves

  • My husband & partner Todd. 

  • Business. 

  • Golf & travel. 

  • Books. 

  • Beautiful design & esthetic. 

  • All things DIY. 

  • Warm weather. 

  • Wide open spaces.

  • Classic cars. 

  • Live music. Dive bars & Diners. 

  • Beautiful handbags, Levi's & ball caps.  

  • Small towns. 

Bird-Eye View Of Golf Course

I am fascinated by interesting and intelligent people with their own story to tell. 

Contact me directly, if you have an idea for a conversation or a collaboration. I'd love to tag up with you about a specific teaching or training requirement that you might have. 

Let's Work Together

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